True Colors and Clean Machine

Some of the animals were leaving in the first sketch but I didn't want them as active in the finished painting

Sketching Clean Machine

I was watching some CSI and there was a doll lit like this. Afterwards I wanted to try and draw a face lit like that and see if I could

Love the way this colored sketch looks

Gimme 5

First sketches

Changed it quite a lot

The colors are pinker in the finished painting, the orange wall looked good in Photoshop but yucky in watercolor

Special and Insiders

First sketch for Special + tried to draw my bf and a robot design

Color test!

Insiders sketch and faces etc.

Thunder, Ace of Ache + lots of color notes and bunnies

Had to test if it would look like a hand

Baywatch and girly illustration

Sketching the Baywatch girl and a random attempt at Rory

I love the right side of this spread <3


Testing with colors

Voodoo and Years with Amber

I think I prefer the face in the right side sketch to the one in the final painting

Sunday, Empire of Seduction and S/M Heureka

Legs for Sunday and my bf's suggestions for filling the gap in the composition

"Character design" for Sunday and The Empire of Seduction + the only sketch for S/M heureka (the text is notes about colouring.)

Bimboo Forest

I liked this so much that I pretty much copied every detail into the final painting.


I drew a sketch with Jaakko Pallasvuo and we both made painting based on it